“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Coco Chanel

Now for some 1920’s beauty inspiration to glam up those dark, cold evenings.

Porcelain skin was the perfect canvas to this striking look. Eyes were dark, sooty and loaded with Kohl. Green and turquoise were popular colours to add to the eyelid. Exaggerated, sloping brows framed this dramatic eye makeup. Rouge was applied in circles on the apples of the cheeks. Finally, the iconic 1920’s doll-face was completed with bold and deep red lips. Lipstick was applied in a ‘cupids bow’ shape with a narrower that natural width.

Closely replicate the look for an authentic addition to your Gatsby girl styling. Alternatively, take an element of this vintage look and re-work it for a modern twist.

Lipgloss, Lipstick, Liner, Kohl, Eye Primer, Shadow, Foundation


Here’s some more 1920’s inspiration from the beautiful Betty Valentine. This vintage styled photo shoot has all the sultry glamour of a true hollywood starlet.






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