Girlie Gift Guide

Christmas shopping still to do? Here are some girlie gift ideas to help you find a special something for every kind of gal. You might want to jot a few down on your own wish list too!

…with love xx


Inspired by the thrifty and creative Kirsty Allsop …

thre craft queen

Sewing kit, Tape measure, Sewing box, Necklace, 101 Things to do with glitter, How to make Jewellery, Sewing jar, Knitting needle set

Annex - Monroe, Marilyn_013

Inspired by the fun and flirty Marilyn Monroe …

the girlie gal

Rollers, Bracelet, Night dress, Lashes, Perfume, Bath set, China set, Dressing table


Inspired by the sassy and sultry Dita Von Teese …

the glamourpuss

Underwear, Nail rock, Make-up compact, Lips clutch, Perfume, Lipstick, Raspberry liqueur, Fur wrap


Inspired by the domestic goddess Nigella Lawson …


Macaroon making kit, TimerLuxury truffles, Baking bible, Preserve labelling kit, Cake stand, Measuring cups, Weighing scales


Inspired by the cool and edgy Alison Mosshart …

the rock chick

Candle, Eyeshadow palette, Leggings, Earrings, Boots, Ring, Nail colour

stevie n

Inspired by the mystical and enchanting Stevie Nicks…

the boho babe

Soap, Solid perfume, Candle, RingBoots, Shawl, Fantasy eyeliner, Salt hair spray

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