Say goodbye to dry, winter skin…….


The cold is really beginning to take it’s toll on my very dry and sensitive skin. So I’ve had to take it in hand and pamper my skin. Here are my top tips for dry, sensitised skin.

1. BE KIND TO IT Do not have hot baths and showers. Hot water is you skins enemy (hehe a bit extreme but you get the idea)
2. CLEANSE IT Try not to wash your skin instead try to opt for mild wipe off cleansers. Cetaphil or Avene are extremely gentle cleansers.

3. TONE IT Follow this up with a moisturising toner, I know a lot of people miss this step put but it does help to seal moisture in your skin. The rehydrating Rose toner from Neal’s yard smells beautiful and is super soothing and hydrating. Avene thermal water spray is also lovely and refreshing as well as soothing, this can be used after cleansing but is also great if your flying and comes in handy in the summer for soothing sunburn.

rose tonerthermal spray

4. SCRUB IT Just because skin is dry doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exfoliate it, you just need to be gentle about it. If you don’t exfoliate dry skin your skin can look dull and it is harder for all those lovely creams to soak in and get to work. I exfoliate my skin a couple of times a week using Dermologica’s Daily Microfoliant. It is a beautiful product and yes it is a bit more expensive then some of the other exfoliators on the market but I believe that it is the best.


5. TREAT A face mask isn’t just an occasional treat it is a necessity in a good skin care regime. My personal favorites are Origins Drink Up and Lush’s Oatfix are great. I often leave the Origins mask on overnight for an extra burst of moisture.


6. MOISTURISE IT Now moisturisers are a very personal affair and I have tried many over the years but I have found two which haven’t failed to impress. The first is Dermologica skin smooting cream this is a very hydrating cream and will not irritate sensitised skin, unfortunately it does not contain an SPF so you will need to use a separate one. The other moisturiser that I have tried more recently is Dior Prestige La Crème Souveraine Rich Creme, it is pricey at £230 but is definitely worth it. I find that with moisturisers it is best to meet the consultant and discuss your concerns with them they know their products well and will be able to guide you. Buying moisturisers that don’t suit your skin can cost £100s over your lifetime so don’t be afraid to ask for a sample. It is always best to apply moisturiser to slightly damp skin so apply straight after toning, wait a few minutes to apply foundation.

7. MAKE IT PRETTY Now you have got beautiful skin we want to make it look pretty. I suggest sticking to a light weight base of your preference. If you want to try a foundation that is good for dry skin I can highly recommend Dior Sculpt and it even comes in a very light shade, suitable for those english roses out there. Finish of with a quick coat of mascara (Estee Lauder Double wear Mascara is great), a cream blush (Benefit Posietint is brightening and long lasting) and a bright lipstick to lift those winter blues think rich pink (Revlon Cherries in the snow) or a cherry red (MUA Shade 13 – a bargain at a £1).

DIOR-Foundation-Diorskin_SculptmascaraBenefit_Posietint_Poppy_Pink_Tinted_Lip___Cheek_St1298558206revlon-super-lustrous-lipstick-cherries-in-the-snowMUA Lipstick Shade 13 Review

…with love from Betty x

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