This is With Love,

About 6 years ago we met on a beauty counter in Birmingham whilst working there part-time. It soon became clear that we both shared a love of fashion, beauty and life’s little luxuries. Our numerous girlie chats focused on these loves and one day after trawling charity shops; hunting for treasures we rested for a well earned coffee and cupcake. It was over this fateful red velvet that we decided to create a blog to share our thoughts and finds with you all. We have shared loves but we are also very different. We hope that this blog will reflect our individuality and similarity! So here we are:

My name is Heather, a child of the 80’s with my heart deeply rooted in all things creative. I am truly inspired by vintage style and the stories that each found treasure can evoke. I love art, design, cakes and dreaming. Romancing the ordinary and celebrating beauty are what make me happy.

My name is Betty. I adore vintage fashion: I love nothing more than mooching around charity and vintage shops followed by cupcakes and giggles with the girls. I have a particular interest in cosmetics after working in the industry for a number of years. You will never see me without my lippy. I like to be surrounded by beautiful things. I believe that nothing is useless if it is beautiful, as it enriches your life. I believe that we should all embrace our differences as this makes the world a more interesting place.

We are looking forward to sharing our finds, ideas and passions with you. Welcome to our blog.

With Love . . . x x

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