Sweets for my Sweets!

Love is in the air….and nothing says ”I love you” quite like some handmade, sugar coated goodies for your Valentine. With only a few days left until February 14th, we have found you some tasty recipes to follow so that you can romance your loved one with tempting sweet treats.

Sweets for my sweets

Candy floss cocktail, Love Heart cheesecake, Tattoo cookies, Cupid’s candy apples, Heart shaped macaroons, chocolate decoration, Candy bark,  Hot strawberry and White chocolate drink

Girlie Gift Guide

Christmas shopping still to do? Here are some girlie gift ideas to help you find a special something for every kind of gal. You might want to jot a few down on your own wish list too!

…with love xx


Inspired by the thrifty and creative Kirsty Allsop …

thre craft queen

Sewing kit, Tape measure, Sewing box, Necklace, 101 Things to do with glitter, How to make Jewellery, Sewing jar, Knitting needle set

Annex - Monroe, Marilyn_013

Inspired by the fun and flirty Marilyn Monroe …

the girlie gal

Rollers, Bracelet, Night dress, Lashes, Perfume, Bath set, China set, Dressing table


Inspired by the sassy and sultry Dita Von Teese …

the glamourpuss

Underwear, Nail rock, Make-up compact, Lips clutch, Perfume, Lipstick, Raspberry liqueur, Fur wrap


Inspired by the domestic goddess Nigella Lawson …


Macaroon making kit, TimerLuxury truffles, Baking bible, Preserve labelling kit, Cake stand, Measuring cups, Weighing scales


Inspired by the cool and edgy Alison Mosshart …

the rock chick

Candle, Eyeshadow palette, Leggings, Earrings, Boots, Ring, Nail colour

stevie n

Inspired by the mystical and enchanting Stevie Nicks…

the boho babe

Soap, Solid perfume, Candle, RingBoots, Shawl, Fantasy eyeliner, Salt hair spray